Cloud-Based Software Services: IZCloud

IZCloud is a modular, cloud-based suite of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) services that provides customers with the solution to their specific needs. Unlike one-size-fits-all offerings, IZCloud’s à la carte approach enables businesses to select the exact ALPR capabilities required for their applications, ensuring a highly personalized and efficient solution. The sections below explain the function set of various IZCloud product options:

IZCloud: Access, Security and Visitor Management

These configurations of cloud services are built around the needs of security and access control applications. The security service records license plates, allows searching by license plate numbers, and it broadcasts alarms on wanted vehicles. The access control solution controls vehicle entry to various facilities such as campgrounds, gated communities, campuses or corporate parking lots. The visitor management service of IZCloud allows tenants of gated communities or employees of corporations to independently create vehicle access requests for their visitors or temporarily used vehicles.


 IZCloud Access, Security and Visitor Management Product Options

IZCloud Security & Alerting

IZCloud  Access Control

IZCloud Visitor Management

Access via web interface
Store license plates numbers and images for a configurable time and search by license plate number, time, location or vehicle metadata
Receive real-time alerts on license plates on the list
View live camera video stream
Control vehicle gate by the plate number  
Control the access gate via pin code  
Control the access gate via QR code  
Manually override to open gate/ barrier  
Limit gate access to a specified time range  
Integrate with booking/ reservation software (Campspot, ResNexus, etc.)
Integrate with on-site Access Control System (LenelS2, C-CURE, etc.)
Enable tenants or employees to directly create access requests for visitors’ vehicles or cars in temporary use    
Integrate with IZCentral on-premise management server
Feature customization per customer request
Receive and record speeding alerts (requires IZR600M radar-equipped cameras)
Capture and record images of driver and passenger (requires IZA500GDFC face capture camera)


IZCloud ALPR Performance Monitoring

The IZCloud ALPR Performance Monitoring service supervises the entire parking solution deployment. Designed with the needs of parking system managers in mind, this service:

Analyzes the statistics of successful ALPR reads per camera and across selected time frames.

Detects malfunctioning or underperforming cameras, which could be due to mechanical damage or occlusions.

Collects sample images for ongoing ALPR algorithm training and accuracy improvements. 

Scales to support hundreds of cameras per deployment.

IZCloud Parking Video Analytics

IZCloud services for parking video analytics allow parking system operator to perform the following functions:

Fuzzy Entry/ Exit matching, accounting for cases of significant occlusions of plates at entry and/ or exit. 

Support of short approach lane using a method that consolidate pre- and post-capture events.

Broken gate detection.

Collection of sample images for ongoing ALPR algorithm training and accuracy improvements. 

Scalability to hundreds of entry/ exit lanes per deployment.

IZCloud Parking Inventory Management

IZCloud Parking Inventory Management services offer parking system managers the ability to:

Perform Entry/ Exit event reconciliation.

Conduct parking inventory management by analyzing Entry and Exit events. 

Manage Mobile LPI process by consolidating license plates from mobile scans with the inventory database. 

IZCloud Camera Management

IZCloud services for ALPR camera management offer system administrators to perform these functions:

Monitor the operational status of all cameras in large-scale centrally managed systems with hundreds or thousands ALPR cameras.

 Deploy firmware and ALPR algorithm updates to all or selected groups of groups of cameras, on a specified schedule.

Obtain system logs of camera firmware versions and camera status change events. 

Collect sample images for ongoing ALPR algorithm training and accuracy improvements. 

Search cameras by custom tags and determine camera operational status.

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