Comprehensive video imaging of vehicles by Inex includes the capability to capture faces through the windshield, which is integral to various solutions:

  • Traffic enforcement

    Capturing driver photographs provides an record of the driver’s identity for toll or traffic violation enforcement.

  • Automated border control

    High-quality imaging of drivers and passengers aids in identity verification against stored records. Integrating this feature with services like the USA CBP Traveler Verification Service (TVS) facilitates automated checks at border control points.

  • HOV/Carpooling Monitoring

    Video imaging detects the presence of passengers, supporting HOV regulation enforcement, driver photograph retention for violations, and carpooling incentives.

  • Secure Vehicle Access Control

    Video imaging verifies the identities of drivers and passengers entering secure areas, either by a remote visual security check or via facial recognition systems.

  • Secure Rental Car and Fleet Operations

    Capturing driver photographs at facility exits provides a forensic record in the event of vehicle theft.

Supporting these applications, Inex offers the IZA500GDFC Driver Face Camera, which provides:

Reliable All-Weather Capture

Functions effectively under all lighting conditions.

  Advanced Imaging Techniques

Uses multispectral imaging and specialized illumination from ALPR technology to capture clear images through windshields at any time of day.

Simultaneous Capture of Faces and License Plates

Records images of both driver and passengers, along with license plates, linking vehicle occupants in a single transaction.

High Compatibility

Image quality and resolution are compatible with commercial facial recognition systems.

Integration Capability

The camera integrates seamlessly with common Access Control and Video Management systems for persistent image storage.

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