Car wash automation with ALPR
Automated car wash license plate recognition
Car wash automation with ALPR
Automated car wash license plate recognition


The Inex Technologies ALPR system allows car wash owners to automate the wash tunnel access process and manage key facility operations using vehicle license plate numbers. This streamlines the entry process and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Inex Technology ALPR solutions for car wash automation provide:

Convenient High-Throughput Access

Practically instant recognition of license plates and verification of car wash memberships guarantees high throughput, eliminating delays from presenting payment or membership credentials.

Full Revenue Collection

Verifying vehicles by their license plates ensures that car wash services are provided only to registered cars. This prevents users from sharing a single membership card across multiple vehicles.

Point of Sale System Integration

Integrated with the car wash Point of Sale (PoS) system, the ALPR system captures the vehicle ID, leaving the transaction authorization decision to the PoS.

Centralized ALPR System Management

The deployed systems are centrally managed via Inex IZCloud, a cloud-based software service that provides automated firmware and ALPR algorithm updates. IZCloud also computes statistics of license plate reading data, helping to maintain ALPR accuracy as high as 99%.

High Reliability

With thousands of cameras in operation, Inex ALPR solutions for car washes have proven to be an operational success, delivering a high return on the initial investment. The car wash ALPR car wash installations shown on the photographs uses Inex IZ600F cameras. Car wash systems are connected to IZCloud cloud-based platform of software services that provide remote ALPR performance monitoring, automatic algorithm updates and camera configuration.  

By transitioning from a manual system of imputing license plate information to an automated vehicle license plate credential for membership access, the ALPR system offers a more streamlined management approach. The vehicle information can now be effortlessly inputted via phone, at a site work station, or remotely by an authorized user. By leveraging the license plate number as a unique vehicle identifier ALPR technology can empower operators to segment customers into distinct groups with tailored vehicle wash types at each wash facility. For operators with multiple wash locations the system can be networked so a single vehicle can use all or targeted facilities.

The ALPR system can be integrated into most POS (Point of Sale) systems for onsite purchases of wash upgrades, trigger alerts for non-membership vehicles or outstanding payments, thus tightening security and overall revenue integrity. The ALPR technology will curtail membership sharing and most important remove a vehicle’s access responsibility from facility employees when installed with an entry gate.

The most important system feature is increasing an operators operational efficiency by accelerating all vehicle throughput times by eliminating the need for additional steps within the vehicle ID process. The immediate cost justification benefits include reduced onsite labor, shorter car wash waiting times, increased revenue, and a significantly improved customer experience.


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