ALPR integrated with Video Management System VMS
ALPR access control system
ALPR integrated with VMS Video Management System
Through the windshield driver and passenger imaging


The Inex ALPR system revolutionizes vehicle access control by using license plates as credentials to automate gate and barrier operations. It seamlessly integrates with all major access control systems (ACS). Supporting Wiegand formats, Inex ALPR systems can directly communicate with existing access control panels and manage gate equipment.

Inex provides both cloud-based IZCloud and on-premise IZCentral system management software, offering a more robust and secure access control solution that can automatically open gates using license plate recognition. 

Inex ALPR access control and security systems cater to a diverse range of customers, including corporate parking facilities, manufacturing sites, high-security and military installations, and both gated and ungated communities.

Enhanced Security

The integration of the Inex ALPR system with existing access control systems offers a versatile feature that allows for either single or dual credential verification. With the single credential option, gates can be automatically opened based solely on the recognition of a vehicle’s license plate. Alternatively, the dual credential mode provides enhanced security by requiring both the vehicle’s license plate and the driver’s badge ID to match before granting access. This flexibility ensures that access control can be tailored to meet varying security requirements, enhancing both convenience and safety for users.

Integration with Video Management Systems (VMS)

The integration of ALPR with Video Management Systems (VMS) allows for comprehensive monitoring and recording of all events. This ensures that all activities are captured and recorded, making video searches easy for future reference or investigations based on license plates, event times, or car make and model. Additionally, management can receive alerts when blacklisted vehicles are detected through license plate matches, enhancing security and oversight.​

Driver Face Verification

The Inex integrated access control or video management system may be further expanded by utilizing Inex Driver and Passenger Face Imaging. The captured through the windshield images are presented a remote security guard for verification, used for automated facial recognition, or retained for post-event analysis. 

ALPR Systems Integrated with ACS

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