On-Premise Software: IZCentral

IZCentral is the centralized management system for controlling the various data operations in an ALPR system. These data operations include license plate data storage and retrieval, configurable viewing of the license plate data through a built-in GUI host, and third-party system interfacing.

Runs on a Windows computer

Accessed via web interface

Stores license plates numbers and images with a configurable retention policy

Search by license plate number, time, location or vehicle metadata

Automatic alerts on license plate match

Unlimited lists of the plates of interest

Controls vehicle gate by the plate number via in-camera dry contact relay

Integrates with IZCloud

Integrates with on-site Access Control Systems

Integrates with VMS (Video Management Systems).

Benefits of IZCentral Integration with ACS systems

  • Frictionless Entry. By using the vehicle’s license plate as the access credential, the system eliminates the need for drivers to stop and manually present ID badges or access cards. This streamlined process virtually eliminates wait times and bottlenecks, providing a seamless, hassle-free entry experience for users.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. The integrated ALPR-access control system eliminates the need for additional physical credentials. The ALPR camera functions as a card reader, sending license plate data directly to the access control panel through a Wiegand interface. This streamlined configuration reduces both system cost and complexity.
  • Low Learning Curve. All user access permissions are managed within the ACS, enabling security personnel to use the familiar ACS interface to efficiently handle user access without the need to learn an additional system.
  • Comprehensive Data Insights. The centralized data management capabilities of the integrated ALPR-ACS solution provide security teams with a holistic view of access events and user behavior. This valuable data can be leveraged for comprehensive analysis, trend identification, and the optimization of access control policies.

Benefits of IZCentral Integration with VMS systems

  • Heightened Situational Awareness. License plate recognition capabilities enable the identification of vehicles of interest, the detection of suspicious behavior, and the triggering of targeted security alerts. Security personnel can receive real-time notifications when specific license plate events occur, empowering them to respond quickly and effectively.
  • Streamlined Forensics. The ability to search video recordings by known license plate data significantly reduces forensics time, allowing security teams to quickly access relevant information and mount a swift, efficient response to incidents.
  • Low learning curve. IZCentral integrates seamlessly with existing video management systems, eliminating the need for users to learn new software or workflows. All data and decision-making remain within the familiar VMS system, ensuring a smooth and efficient security operation.
  • Centralized Data Management. A centralized repository of ALPR metadata provides security personnel with easy access to real-time and historical license plate data, facilitating comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making.

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