Toll Road Software: RoadView and RoadAudit

The RoadView suite of software tools is the result of Inex’s 30 years of expertise in developing video-based roadside toll zone systems. RoadView provides comprehensive transaction metrics including vehicle edge triggering, RFID association, shape-based classification, axle counting, and ALPR.

These core capabilities are also utilized in our new RoadAudit toll system audit tool, an independent solution designed to measure the effectiveness of primary toll collection systems or serve as a secondary off-channel disaster recovery means of toll collection. By comparing production data with RoadView transaction video clips, RoadAudit flags mismatched transactions for analysis and verification. Operating independently of existing road sensors, RoadAudit ensures accurate and objective audit analysis, enhancing the reliability of toll collection.


RoadView – Video-Based Roadside Toll Zone System

RoadView is an AI-based software suite designed to provide essential functionality for Tolling Video Enforcement Systems (VES). Fully video-based, RoadView supports various tolling installation scenarios, including ORT and side-fire.

Key Features:

Automatic vehicle detection

Vehicle counting

Vehicle classification

Vehicle tracking within toll zone

Triggering support of INEX ALPR cameras

Video-based axle counting

Fully video-based lane monitoring

Integrated Digital Video Auditing System (DVAS).

Additional ITS Metrics:

Traffic volume measurement

Traffic speed statistics

Wrong-way driver detection

Stopped vehicle detection and notification

Toll zone accident detection and notification

Vehicle dimensions.

Video-based information processing eliminates the need for expensive concrete cutting, in-ground loop maintenance, and axle counting treadles. The system seamlessly supports existing video cameras and integrates additional Inex cameras, delivering a comprehensive solution for a toll zone Vehicle Enforcement System (VES) infrastructure.

The RoadView system is highly modular and portable. Inex has implemented RoadView for different hardware platforms and toll road solution architectures. The actual ALPR recognition is performed on the edge by Inex cameras such as IZA800GRV. The RoadView configuration provides intuitive web-based for system and lanes setup. The RoadView system API is HTTP/JSON based to send the data and images.

RoadView delivers a comprehensive, fully integrated solution for modern tolling needs, ensuring accurate and efficient operation.


Toll road ALPR installation
New York Throughway ALPR VES
Illinois Turnpike ALPR VES
Video-Based Roadside Audit System vehicle classification
Vehicle classification
Toll road ALPR installation

RoadAudit – Toll System Audit Tool

RoadAudit is a suite of hardware and software components providing independent auding functionality for Tolling Video Enforcement System (VES) operations.

RoadAudit consists of these components:

RoadView video-based enforcement System equipped with Inex ALPR cameras provides comprehensive vehicle event information independently from the primary toll collection system by performing:

Vehicle detection

Vehicle classification

Axle count

License plate reading.

RoadAudit Digital Video Auding System (DVAS) provides comprehensive features, including:

24/7 video recording

Integration with RoadView VES and RoadView ALPR, storing events in the DVAS database

Annotated videos with RoadView events

Video search functionality based on RoadView event information, such as date/time, license plate number, axle count, and vehicle classes

Flexible deployment options: locally in roadside cabinets and tolling facilities as an appliance or hosted in the cloud as a software package.

The RoadAudit Reporting System offers robust reporting capabilities, including:

Centralized storage for auditing and production events data

User interface for searching, viewing, and analyzing events data

Integration with RoadAudit DVAS for direct search and video viewing

Automatic reports on mismatches between RoadAudit and the production system

Integration API with third-party systems via HTTP/JSON, SQL, XML, and CSV files

Flexible deployment options: installed as a local appliance or hosted in the cloud.

With RoadAudit, toll operators can ensure accurate, reliable, and independent auditing of tolling collection, enhancing transparency and efficiency in toll system management.

Video-Based Roadside Audit System vehicle classification
Ohio Turnpike ALPR VES
RoadAudit installation

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