ALPR Engine

The Inex ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) engine is the cutting edge in vehicle identification technology. Powered by advanced AI algorithms, it can accurately and efficiently read license plates from a wide range of countries and all 50 U.S. states. Designed for versatility, the Inex ALPR engine supports security, traffic management, parking, and access control systems, providing a robust solution for real-time vehicle identification. With industry-leading accuracy rates of over 99%, the ability to handle high-speed vehicle captures, and exceptional adaptability to various operational environments, the engine delivers unparalleled performance. 

Inex ALPR Engine serves as the foundational technology, operating inside Inex ALPR cameras with on-board processing. Additionally, it is available as a cloud-based service ALPR Engine Cloud and an on-premise ALPR Engine Appliance, offering flexible deployment options to meet diverse needs. In addition to license plate reading, the ALPR Engine determines vehicle Make, Model, and Color (MMC), vehicle type, direction of travel and tailgating events. 

ALPR Engine Appliance

ALPR Engine Appliance is a small-factor industrial computer configured for processing data feeds from multiple ALPR cameras for detection of license plate numbers and vehicle metadata. Inex offers several versions of ALPR Engine Appliances.

Supports a wide range of cameras inlcluding Inex IZ600 cameras, Inex IZM mobile cameras, or third party cameras with RTSP streaming and H.264 encoding

 Models for supporting up to 2, 4 or 8 cameras

  Video analytics for in-depth vehicle analysis

  NVIDIA® Artificial Intelligence (AI) GPU processor for real-time processing at 40 FPS

  Integrates with Inex IZCloud, which provides additional functionality, such as integration with facility reservation systems.

Integrates with on-site Access Control Systems for synchronization of credentials and authorization

12-48 VDC or PoE power options

 Ethernet networking

  -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C) temperature range

  Indoor or Outdoor options

  USA NDAA Section 889 compliant

Wall/ pole mounting brackets are available.

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ALPR Engine Cloud

Inex implementation of the ALPR Engine in the cloud offers centralized, scalable data processing for extensive applications. This server excels in handling high-volume traffic from numerous camera feeds, ensuring rapid, accurate license plate detection and identification.

Processes images to determine license plate number

Webservices API

Scalable to meet demands of all applications

Utilizes the highest accuracy most comprehensive version of the algorithm

Supports manual review of low-confidence recognition events.

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