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Campground entrance automation with ALPR
campground entrance ALPR


Inex Technologies provides an integrated range of AI-based video analytics and ALPR systems, designed to enhance security and streamline operations across various environments, including warehouse, dock and yard management, truck parking, campgrounds, RV and state parks, hospitality facilities, colleges, corporate campuses, and HOA and gated communities.

This suite of technologies, including Inex ALPR cameras and the IZCloud Access Control & Visitor Management System, automates gate functions and manages access even in gateless facilities. It records all vehicle entries and exits, offers alerts on blacklisted vehicles, and delivers actionable insights on traffic patterns. Additionally, we provide pin/QR code devices for pedestrian access, all managed from the same platform, ensuring comprehensive control over both vehicular and pedestrian entry points.
Through the windshield driver and passenger capture camera installed
ALPR access control system
IZCloud ALPR Visitor Management
IZCloud Access, Security and Visitor Management

Gated or Gateless Operations

Inex Technologies offers solutions for both gated and gateless facilities. In gated areas, it automates entries and exits to boost efficiency and control. For gateless sites, the system focuses on security, alerting, and forensics, adding strong reporting features. With exit cameras, it tracks vehicles that overstay by comparing license plates, ensuring thorough monitoring of onsite presence and security for all setups.

Integration with Existing Reservation and Visitor Management Systems

Inex Technologies’ vehicle access control solutions integrate with existing reservation (such as GoRamp, Firefly, ResNexus, NewBook, and others) and visitor management systems (such as Soloinsight, etc.). This integration streamlines vehicle and visitor coordination, improving operational efficiency by enabling smoother check-in and check-out processes. It ensures vehicles access is timed with visits, enhancing visitor management, reducing wait times, and boosting security by allowing only authorized vehicles at scheduled times.

Integration with Existing Access Control and Property Management Systems

Inex Technologies’ vehicle access control solutions integrate seamlessly with existing access control systems, such as LenelS2 OnGuard, AMAG, Software House C*CURE9000, and First Service Residential’s Connect system. These integrations automate the transmission of vehicle and lease details for owners and renters, and populate employee license plate data into IZCloud from corporate access control systems. This connectivity ensures access matches current user status, enhancing security and operational efficiency by aligning vehicle access with updated permissions.

Comprehensive Door Access Control Solution

INEX Technologies’ door access control solutions integrate with existing security systems, enhancing door management with QR code, PIN, and RFID access methods. Integrated with the IZCloud system, it offers a unified management interface that automatically generates and expires access codes based on reservations, rentals, or employee rights, ensuring real-time maintenance of access permissions.

Remote Guard Support

Inex Technologies’ vehicle access control solutions include remote guard support, enabling security personnel to monitor and manage access from any location. This feature enhances security by allowing immediate response and management of access control events, ensuring continuous and efficient oversight without the need for physical presence.

Exceptionally High ALPR Accuracy

Inex’s ALPR technology, proven in demanding environments like toll roads with over 99% accuracy, ensures efficient management and security, reduces labor costs, and boosts customer satisfaction. Its dynamic retraining algorithm continually adapts, enhancing system accuracy to meet various operational demands.

Cloud-Based: No Servers On Premises, Web Access

Inex Technologies’ cloud-based vehicle access control solutions eliminate the need for on-premises servers, offering a streamlined, web-accessible platform. This approach reduces infrastructure costs and complexity while providing users with the flexibility to manage and monitor access from anywhere, enhancing operational convenience and scalability.

Easy, Inexpensive Equipment Setup

Inex Technologies’ vehicle access control solutions feature easy and inexpensive equipment setup. This straightforward implementation minimizes initial costs and reduces setup complexity, allowing for quick deployment and effortless integration into existing systems, providing a cost-effective solution for enhancing security and access management.


ALPR-based access control and visitor management systems are employed across multiple sectors, including:

    • Hospitality, Campgrounds, and RV Parks:

      The integration of diverse cloud-based reservation systems, such as NewBook, Staylist, ResNexus, Firefly, Campspot, and Campground Commander, with INEX’s IZCloud Vehicle Access Control System transforms campground operations into an automated, secure environment. This comprehensive system uses vehicle license plates to manage access and bolster security for both gated and gateless settings. Alerts are issued for unrecognized or blacklisted vehicles, and the system efficiently oversees both visitors and their guests, including notifications for watch-listed vehicles.

    • HOA & Gated Communities:

      The integration of advanced vehicle access control systems with existing property management systems in HOA and gated communities offers seamless control of vehicle flow through gates for residents, visitors, and vendors. This system supports a remote guard function, allowing for enhanced control and monitoring from afar. By integrating with property management platforms, it ensures smooth operations and strengthens security measures, providing a streamlined approach to managing access and improving overall community safety.

    • Universities, Medical and Corporate Parking Facilities:For corporate environments and various parking facilities, INEX’s advanced vehicle access control technology can integrate seamlessly with existing Video Management Systems (VMS) like Milestone or Exacq, as well as Access Control Systems such as LenelS2, AMAG, or Feenics. This integration allows for the substitution of traditional badge IDs from access control systems in place of license plates to operate entry and exit gates. This innovative approach enhances the efficiency of vehicle management, streamlines entry processes, and bolsters security by ensuring that only authorized vehicles with linked badge IDs can access the premises, providing a sophisticated, unified management solution for corporate and parking infrastructure.




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