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Discover the power of our cutting-edge Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and vehicle imaging technology. As pioneers in next-generation tolling, automated parking, and access control systems, we set the industry standard for precision and reliability. Recognized as the leading provider of high-accuracy ALPR in the USA, Inex excels in challenging markets where license plates vary in size, shape, color, and design. With deployments in over 20 countries, our ALPR solutions process millions of vehicles daily, setting a global benchmark for excellence.

5+ Million

license plates read every day using Inex ALPR cameras


ALPR cameras in operation

99+ %

ALPR accuracy measured with USA license plates


software integrations with other systems


Inex founded


Access and Visitor Management Solutions

Inex ALPR system takes vehicle access control to a new level, enabling license plates to serve as credentials to automatically control gates and barriers.

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Highways, Open Road Tolling and Electronic Toll Collection

Inex ALPR cameras are specifically engineered to meet the demands of modern toll collection systems, offering reliable performance across a wide range of lighting conditions and environmental challenges.

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National Harbor parking ALPR

PARKING Automation

Inex offers a wide array of ALPR systems, designed for on-street and off-street parking applications. The unparalleled accuracy of Inex’s ALPR technology enables the implementation of sophisticated, ticketless parking solutions. Inex’s ALPR systems are at the helm of parking management, efficiently overseeing thousands of lanes.

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West Point Military Academy ALPR

Integrated Access Control SOlutions

Streamline access to facilities by extending the Access Control System credential to vehicles.

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Car wash automation with ALPR

Car Wash Automation

Utilizing license plates as vehicle IDs offers a streamlined and low-maintenance automation solution for efficiently managing subscription membership programs and entrance queues.

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ALPR integrated with Video Management System

Security and Monitoring for Safe Cities

Get an alert the moment any black or white list license plate is seen by the cameras. Search surveillance video by license plate data.


Orlando Police Mobile ALPR

Police, military, and border protection

Inex ALPR solutions provide law enforcement agencies with advanced tools to conduct thorough investigations, generate detailed reports, analyze data, map crime geographically, and verify driver identities.

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Driver Face Imaging through the Windshield

Inex’s suite of vehicle imaging solutions includes advanced products designed to capture images of drivers and passengers through the windshield, enabling accurate occupant counting and identification. 

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Illinois Tollway ISHTA ALPR VES

Build your Own Solution

Learn about Inex core ALPR technology to help us build your innovative vehicle imaging solution. 

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