is a global leader that designs, develops, manufactures, and delivers ALPR camera systems, ALPR software analytics, and prepackaged market specific solutions for paid parking, security, electronic tolling, law enforcement, drive-through, gate monitoring, and access control management.



Control, monitor and open gates with license plates

The INEX ALPR system provides the ability to immediately grant or deny access to a facility and open gates based on license plates, as well as to run various reports.

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Crime Prevention, real time vehicle identification, and faster forensics

Get an alert the moment any black or white list license plate is seen by the cameras. Search surveillance video by license plate data.


Car Wash Automation

Using License Plate as a Vehicle ID is a low-maintenance automation method to manage subscription membership programs and the entrance queue.

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Weigh Station ALPR, Bottleneck elimination at inspection, real-time vehicle identification

ALPR camera technology can be used with an axle weighing platform to create a highly accurate and reliable dynamic axle weighing system 24/7.

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Highways, Open Road Tolling and Electronic Toll Collection

INEX-TECH’S ALPR camera technology is specifically designed for modern tolling operations working under all lighting and environmental conditions.

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Pay Parking & Parking Enforcement

INEX ALPR Systems are widely used for parking enforcement, parking automation and security.

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Police, military, and border protection

Automated License Plate Recognition technology is an important tool in police and military arsenals for investigative use, reporting, data analysis, mapping, and sharing with various agencies.

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Safe Cities

ALPR Technology can be used for securing cities and sites by providing valuable information about the vehicle; such as vehicle movement pattern, plate number, car make and model, and jurisdiction to end users in the security, enforcement and logistics sectors.

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our alpr cameras TOLLING

ALPR Camera for Parking, Security, & Access Control

IZ600, an ultra-low light smart camera It was designed specifically for parking, security, and access control. The smart camera combined with IZCentral software management system, a quad core processor, and ALPR software, delivers crystal clear images, automatically recognized license plate data, GPS coordinates, and streaming video.

# Streaming Live Video
# Real-Time ALPR Engine
# Ultra-Low Light
# Easy Integration Into 3rd Party Systems

ALPR Camera System for Highways, ORT, & ETC

IZA800 Series, dual sensor, all-in-one camera system It was designed specifically for the ITS and Video-based Tolling markets. The all-in-one combines two sensors (IR and color), a quad core processor, and ALPR software in a single unit, delivering crystal clear images, automatically recognized license plate data, GPS coordinates, and streaming video.

# Two Cameras CCTV and IR
# Built-in Real-Time ALPR Engine
# Multiple Flash IR Illumination
# Speeds Up to 120 mph
# IP67 and K10 Housing

Mobile ALPR Camera Systems

IZM600F and IZM800F mobile cameraswere designed to benefit parking operators, law enforcement agencies, toll collection, and access control organizations looking to improve efficiency and enhance patrol presence. The camera combined with IZCentral software management system reads plates day or night, in all weather conditions, and from all 50 U.S. states, all Canada provinces, Mexico states, Latin America, Middle-East as well as most other countries and regions.

# Wide Field of View
# The Latest CMOS Sensor Technology
# Low Power Consumption
# Hot List Matching Capability


our alpr software TOLLING

RoadView ALPR based business analytics product line was designed specifically for ITS, Tolling and Tolling Violations
Marketplaces to be used as primary or secondary ALPR/ANPR engine. In addition, ALPR Software seamlessly integrates with 3rd party cameras for Security, Access Control, and Parking Applications.

IZCentral™ provides a centralized management system for INEX ALPR. IZCentral™ brings together ALPR system management, license plate data storage, data analytics and third-party integration



State-of-the-art, proprietary recognition algorithms, whose effectiveness has been proven worldwide.

Easy Integration:

Simple integration through INEX SDK/API with ITS back office and with any 3rd party Access Control & VMS.

Integration with 3rd Party Cameras:

Integrated with the 3rd party cameras, such as Digital WatchDog, Hanwha, Sony, Axis, and Bosch Cameras.

Multi-image Recognition:

Best license plate read by
selecting the best image or
combination of images taken for the same car.

Low False Positives:

Performance error rates below 1% with specific regional state syntax configurations.

Shadow Elimination:

Advanced image treatment algorithms to minimize light reflections and shadows on license plates.

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ALPR identifies vehicles and subscriptions In order to operate man-less car-wash service and automate the operation from the point of the Vehicle Identification, Subscription database matching to the Point of Payment while...

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INEX TECHNOLOGIES is a United States manufacturer with headquarters in New Jersey.  INEX-TECH designs, develops and manufactures comprehensive hardware/software solutions for license plate recognition and vehicle identification. Thousands of installations, in over 20 countries around the world, attest to the superior quality of our ALPR products and support.


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