Integration into any VMS as well as Stand-Alone System to identify vehicles IZSecurity provides the integration of INEX system into 3rd party Video Management System. The integration between INEX TECHNOLOGIES license plate readers and VMS enables the system to identify vehicles of interest. IZSecurity, together with IZCentral, can be used as a stand-alone feature to notify operator on vehicles of interest without VMS.

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  • No learning curve: All user data and decision-making remains in the existing video management control system.
  • Easy data discovery: A central repository of all ALPR metadata provides access to real-time and historical LP data.
  • Accurate plate recognition: The system can reliably read any plate type, at any lighting & weather conditions.
  • Higher level of security:License plates can be used to identify vehicles of interest, recognize suspicious behavior and to notify security.
  • Can be used without Video Management System: Security personnel can be notified about specific LP events with audio/text/email alarms.
  • Fast forensics: Ability to search video records by known LP data reduces forensics time, enabling a quick and efficient response from security personnel.
  • Automatic: Using the license plate as an ‘alert trigger’ requires no intervention from the operator, eliminating human error.
  • The ALPR system also enables the VMS to analyze vehicle patterns. When a vehicle has been within the ALPR Camera System’s field of view for more than a configurable number of times within a given period, the system can alert the security personnel and record the time and GPS coordinates of the encounter.

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