System to digitally Time & GPS Stamp License Plate Number and Vehicle Picture IZE-Chalking is an electronic process that mirrors how an officer would manually chalk a vehicle's tire, in order to see how long they have been parked. IZE-Chalking allows for enforcement of parking in time-limited parking zones in any weather. The system automatically identifies vehicle parked in the same space, block or district for longer than allotted time, and alerts the operator. Time & GPS - Stamped License Plate Number and Vehicle's Picture are stored in the database and can be used when dealing with Appeals as a time-stamped image is available as "proof" of the infraction.

ALPR Engine
Easy Integration Into
3rd Party Systems
Simple Browser
Black and White List
Matching Capability
  • Automatically ID Vehicle, it's location, and time at the location: Digitally GPS and Tine stamp vehicle's License plate and its picture.
  • Easy data discovery: A central repository of all ALPR metadata provides access to real-time and historical LP data.
  • Accurate plate recognition: The system can reliably read any plate type, at any lighting & weather conditions.
  • Higher level of security:License plates can be used to identify vehicles of interest - hot list matching and alerting.
  • Real-Time Alerting: Provides real time alarms on the vehicles that overstayed allotted time
  • Fast forensics: Ability to search video records by known LP data reduces forensics time, enabling a quick and efficient response from security personnel.
  • Automatic: Using the license plate as an ‘alert trigger’ requires no intervention from the operator, eliminating human error.

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