Over 99% Proven ALPR Accuracy

Ensuring high accuracy is paramount to reduce errors and disputes in parking installations. Mistakes can lead to lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and potential security threats. INEX’s over 99% ALPR accuracy is well-established across various parking installations.

Edge-Based ALPR Processing with Cloud-Based Auto-Tuning

Processing data at the edge delivers quicker response times and lessens dependence on uninterrupted internet connectivity. With cloud-based tuning, the system self-adapts and refines continuously, maintaining its effectiveness without the need for manual intervention.

Recognition of Vehicle MMC (Make, Model, Color)

Identifying a vehicle’s make, model, and color provides an extra layer of precision, invaluable for pinpointing specific vehicles during disputes, security incidents, or unique parking scenarios. This detailed recognition improves both vehicle tracking granularity and customer service.

Comprehensive ALPR Hardware Suite

Offering a diverse range of hardware that excels in ALPR from distances between 3ft to 80ft allows the system to cater to various installation needs—from small lots to expansive garages or open areas. This flexibility guarantees adaptability, scalability, and customization in line with the specific demands and budgets of each parking facility.

Daily Automated ALPR Performance Reports

Consistent performance reports empower administrators with proactive system management. They can swiftly detect and rectify potential challenges, ensuring seamless operations and reliable performance.

Solutions for Shorter Lanes

In many parking facilities, space constraints might prevent the installation of rear-reading ALPR cameras before the gate. However, with tailored solutions for these limited spaces, a camera positioned after the gate can still effectively capture and provide essential data to the Parking Management System linking ALPR data with the parking transaction.

Alerts for Issues: Tailgating, Gate Arm Pushes, Broken Gate Exits

These real-time alerts serve as both a security feature and a revenue safeguard. By promptly detecting potential infractions or misuse within the parking area, operators can react instantly, upholding site security and averting possible revenue discrepancies.

Mobile LPI (License Plate Inventory)

Mobile LPI enables on-the-go license plate capture in parking areas. Using mobile devices or mounted cameras, it offers dynamic inventory checks and rapid violation identification, ensuring thorough coverage even in large or complex facilities.

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