With the new “Smart Parking,” program, just launched at the high-end Westfield Century City mall, you do nothing. The system is cashless — once you download the app and register your credit card, your parking fees are automatically charged to your card, so instead of paying up on site, you instead sail out of the exit lane and get thanked for your visit.

The system is made possible by overhead cameras and sensors that do more than just watch everything that’s happening. They can also read and recognize our license plates, thus enabling us to enter without grabbing the ticket. Read More on USA Today Website

Smart payment applications with ALPR

Smart payment applications with ALPR Payment applications are a clear example of situations where the highest level of ALPR accuracy is required. New business models are emerging in the parking environment and concepts such as ticketless payment require consolidated and highly reliable solutions that ensure the technology responds to what is expected.

Ticketless applications use ALPR as the sole means of linking the entry and exit movements of vehicles with their corresponding parking fee. When a vehicle enters the parking lot, the ALPR units capture its license plate and store it in the parking management system database until the vehicle leaves. Before returning to the vehicle, the driver has to go to a pay station, type in the license plate number and make the payment. When he drives to the exit, the boom gate will automatically open since the license plate of the vehicle has been recognized and the system has checked that the correct payment has been made.

Ticketless parking eliminates the need for printed paper tickets, contributes to better traffic flow at entrances and exits, and enhances the user experience. Payment can also be made from a mobile device. In this case, the user can manage his stay in the parking lot directly from his cell phone – for example, to add extra parking time, or check how much time is left from the initial purchased time. The only vehicle identification required for this payment application is the license plate.

In addition to ticketless payment, other ALPR-based payment methods are successfully in use. One example is the online pre-booking service that is often used for airport parking facilities. With this method, the gates automatically open upon entry or exit and the parking fee is charged through the payment method chosen during the online pre-booking.

Another practical application is a subscription service to a group of parking lots. Subscribers simply log their vehicle license plate into the system and no longer have to worry about payment via pay stations or manual systems. When they get to one of the parking lots, their license plate is identified and they can automatically enter or exit. After their stay, the parking fee corresponding to time spent in the parking lot is directly billed from their bank account

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