Inex Technologies’ ALPR systems can be integrated with leading brands of Video Management systems (VMS), or can operate standalone. They offer the functionality to search through recorded video footage by license plate number and identify vehicles of interest using their license plates. The management system, IZCentral, has the capability to store vehicle license plate information either in the VMS or directly within the IZCentral database. IZCentral provides end-users with the tools to cross-reference license plate numbers against databases such as BOLO (Be On the Lookout), blacklists, whitelists, and lists of suspected vehicles. It facilitates the issuance of alerts through email, text messaging, or other communication methods supported by the VMS.

Security monitoring applications of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology play a crucial role in enhancing surveillance and ensuring safety in various sectors. When integrated with Video Management Systems (VMS), ALPR systems offer a comprehensive security solution that provides real-time monitoring and proactive threat detection capabilities. Here are the key benefits of integrating ALPR with VMS for security applications:

Real-time Security Monitoring for Safe Cities

ALPR systems integrated with VMS enable real-time monitoring of vehicles entering and exiting premises. By capturing license plate information and cross-referencing it with databases, security personnel can quickly identify suspicious vehicles, unauthorized entries, or vehicles of interest, enhancing overall security measures.

Proactive Threat Detection

The integration of ALPR with VMS allows for proactive threat detection by alerting security staff in real-time when a flagged vehicle enters the monitored area. This immediate notification enables swift responses to potential security breaches, preventing incidents before they escalate.,

Enhanced Surveillance Capabilities

By linking ALPR data with VMS, security teams can access synchronized video footage of vehicles entering or exiting the premises. This integration provides a comprehensive view of vehicle activities, allowing for detailed monitoring, analysis, and investigation when needed.

Efficient Data Management

Integrating ALPR with VMS streamlines data management by storing license plate information alongside video recordings. This synchronized data allows for easy retrieval, search, and analysis of specific events or vehicles, enhancing operational efficiency and investigative capabilities.

Automated Access Control

ALPR systems integrated with VMS enhance access control by automatically identifying vehicles at entry points and verifying their authorization status. This automated process ensures that only authorized vehicles are granted access, reducing the risk of unauthorized entries and enhancing overall facility security.


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