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Inex Technology ALPR solutions for parking applications provide:

Exceptionally high ALPR accuracy

ALPR accuracy is vital in parking applications for efficient management, revenue security, enhanced security, reduced labor costs, and improved customer satisfaction. Strengthened by the rigorous demands of toll road and other ALPR applications that process millions of transactions, Inex’s ALPR technology delivers an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 99% in some of the most demanding environments. A distinctive advantage of Inex technology lies in its algorithm’s dynamic retraining capability, which enhances the system’s accuracy progressively with its deployment duration.

 Short approach lanes

Ideal for parking applications where space is limited, Inex ALPR cameras are designed to function effectively at short approach lanes, beginning from as short as 5 feet (1.5 meters). The Inex solution also supports pre- and post-entry ALPR event consolidation for locations where the approach lane cannot accommodate the entire length of long vehicles.

ALPR processing inside the camera

The Inex IZA500 camera family eliminates the need for a separate processing controller, thereby reducing maintenance requirements and simplifying the overall system setup at parking facilities.

Cloud-based ALPR performance monitoring and reporting

The IZCloud services offer cloud-based performance monitoring for ALPR cameras, delivering daily statistical reports and alerts for issues like disconnections or performance drops, potentially caused by camera obstructions. IZCloud also issues real-time alerts on tailgating, gate arm pushes, and broken gate exits.

Mobile ALPR solutions

Complementing its portfolio of fixed ALPR cameras, Inex also offers mobile ALPR cameras and Mobile License Plate Inventory (LPI) software solution. The LPI system assists in enforcing parking time limits, payment compliance, and other parking regulations, while also mapping the locations of individual cars.

Watchlist alerts

The built-in camera alerting function enables notifications when there is a match to the watchlist. This list is embedded in the camera’s firmware and can be updated dynamically.

Lane issue alerts: Tailgating, Gate Arm Pushes, Broken Gate Exits.

The in-camera Inex ALPR software provides a broad array of video analytics capabilities. This technology enables parking operators to rapidly respond to critical situations, thereby boosting the security and efficiency of their parking facilities.

 Reconciliation of entry/exit transactions (lost transactions)

Through integration with Parking Access Revenue Control Systems (PARCS), the Inex ALPR system facilitates the reconciliation of parking transactions, effectively eliminating ‘open tickets’.

 Automated ALPR algorithm performance improvements

The ALPR algorithm automatically trains on the license plate reading specifics at the location, such as license plate designs and lighting variations, and the performance improves over time.

Recognition of vehicle Make, Model, Color (MMC)

MMC recognition provides an extra layer of precision, invaluable for pinpointing specific vehicles during disputes, security incidents, or unique parking scenarios. This detailed recognition improves both vehicle tracking granularity and customer service.

Automated camera firmware upgrades

The parking system operator determines when and how the updates are distributed to minimize downtime. 

System health monitoring

The application informs the operator if a camera becomes disconnected or if the license plate read performance drops.

Remote camera configuration

Inex cameras, featuring motorized zoom and focus lenses, can be remotely configured through the Inex parking software application, negating the need for technicians to be present on site.

Existing integrations with parking systems

Inex parking solutions seamlessly integrate with leading parking solution providers, offering versatility through both pre-capture and post-capture operational modes.


Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology enables a wide range of parking applications including:

    • Ticketless Parking

      ALPR technology enables ticketless parking by reading license plates upon entry and exit, eliminating the need for physical tickets. With ALPR-based ticketless parking, drivers can enter and exit parking lots seamlessly without stopping to pick up tickets. This solution enhances efficiency and convenience for users while simultaneously reducing operational costs for parking operators.

    • Processing of Lost Tickets

      ALPR systems assist in processing lost tickets by capturing license plate information at entry and exit points, linking it with transaction data, and resolving disputes through the video evidence of the entry and exit events stored in the system.

    • Enhanced Security

      ALPR technology contributes to enhanced security measures in parking facilities by automatically identifying vehicles at entry points and verifying their authorization status.

    • Curbside Management

      ALPR systems help enforce delivery zone parking rules and the rules for EV parking areas.

    • License Plate Inventory (LPI)

      Mobile or fixed ALPR LPI systems monitor for overstayed vehicles, enforce parking violations, and assist in locating cars in large parking lots.

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